Saturday, May 23, 2009

The pifer Bean Fundraiser!!!!!

This is a really awesome raffle! Tiffany and Zach Pifer are trying to concieve for a while now and have to go to a fertility clinic, which insurance does not cover so they have set up this fund. I am a proud donator of this. I think this is amazing!! Please go check out their blog go here for pics of what will be raffled each week

We have created a Pifer Bean Fundraiser in hopes to help The Pifers through this infertility journey!! We will be selling wristbands & key chains to help raise money for their upcoming fertility clinic appointment in July. Not only do we want to help the Pifer's but this will also help spread the awareness of infertility.

Fundraiser Details:

*$5.00 each for Bracelets

*$7.00 each of Key chains

*If you purchase a bracelet, Key chains are only $5.00

(first time order only and only 1 keychain is for $5.00)

*Bracelet Available colors- White, Hot Pink, Royal Blue

*Key chain available colors-Black, & Hot Pink

*Bracelet and Key chains will read: "Growing In Faith"

*Bracelet Sizes- adult

*Payment-you can pay through paypal with the link in the side bar that says donate or

By mail to: The Pifer Bean Fund, P.O Box 8360 , Waco , TX 76710 .

*If you pay by paypal, please and let us know which colors, keychain or bracelet you would like.

Raffle Details

Every week there will be a raffle drawling. Saturday the raffle for thee week will begin. We will announce what will be raffled off that week, the deadline for that weeks raffle will be Thursday and Friday morning we will announce the winner.

How to Enter Raffle:

*If you donate money or buy a bracelet or key chain your name will be entered in the raffle. For every product you buy your name will be entered in that many times.
Example: If you buy 5 bracelets your name is entered 5 times.

*If you re-post the weekly raffle post, your name will be entered in an extra 2 times.

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The Pifer's said...

Thank you so much for your donations; re-postings and the support you are giving us. It means more than I could ever explain. THANK YOU so much, I truly appreciate it. :)