Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bentley Benefit!!!!

So we just got back from La Fiesta where Brittany and Justan Mahan hosted the drawing for baby Bentley! Can I just WOW!! That sweet baby has so much support. I got to meet some of her family tonight. There was a really great turnout and it is amazing how many people donated for this raffle! there were lots and lots of great gifts. Brittany went around and let each person draw what was being raffled and then they got to draw the name. Bentley's brother and sister got to draw first and thank you Brenna for drawing my name lol Brittany has done such a wonderful thing and has worked hard to do it. Crystal you have an amazing family, and I got to see that first hand tonight!! I am truly in shock to see all the support and love for that sweet baby! It makes me have hope that there are still giving and caring people out there and I know that Crystal and Ryan are forever greatful! God Bless you guys, Bentley is always in my heart

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Crystal said...

Oh my goodness girl.. you just brought tears to my eyes. That is such a sweet post. We do have amazing family and friends, that little girl is loved by so many! I am so glad you were apart of it.. I just wish we could have been there too. Thank you so much for all your help with it as well! And to top it off, I am thrilled that you won something!! YAY!!!