Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day!

First I can't express enough the gratitude I have towards all of our troops. It is amazing that these brave men and women fight for OUR freedom. My dad fought in Vietnam so he is a hero to me! I lost my uncle in Irag (he was a Chaplin) so he is a hero. God Bless everyone one of them!!!

We spent our day yesterday by taking Brent to work :( but then I met my mom at the market place. We went to kohls, they were having a huge sale. Of course I spent too much money and my mom loves me so she bought me alot of prizes. Then we went and ate lunch then we went to our friends house and all the kiddos played in the pool and on the slip n slide. They had a blast. Then we came home,got a bath and right about that time my sis in law showed up and we visited with them for a little bit and then it was bedtime for everyone. We were all sooooo tired. Here are a few oics from yesterday

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Ashley said...

I love the pics!!!