Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good/bad Day

We had a good day yesterday! We went to our friends Sean and Cassi's and let the kiddos play. They got to go for a ride in the wagon and play in the sprinkler. They were all too cute.

But around 6 Ty started feeling warm so I took him temp and it was 102. He was saying his ear hurt and he had been coughing for a few days. When Ty gets a cold with a cough it is bad!!!!!! We went to the lung doc back in feb. They said they think he has asthma or another airway disease. We were supposed to go back in April but Ty's insurance got messed up and so we just got it fixed, so I will reschedule ASAP. They will probably set up a time to have a scope done to see what exactly is going on with his airways. Anytime he gets a little cold we have to nebulize him and he really does not like that. Then on the way home he was coughing so bad he trew up all over himself, the carseat, the diaper bag, and the floor board. So we took bath #2 and then we were up till like 12 and he finally gave in. We made a palet on the living room floor and slept there last night. he seems better today but we will see


Anonymous said...

Poor baby is he feeling any better?

HAHA you should have seen our day yesterday I swear the rain cloud was following us. We wanted to go to the lake NO KIDDING it would be sunny and beautiful outside as soon as we would hit the lake it would start POURING! So we went out to his moms house BEAUTIFUL right up till we hit her house then he started POURING again. And that is no LIE is that not crazy! HAHA!!

Mary said...

Love the video. mom/mimi