Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday filled weekend!!!

So we had a really great weekend! We had Ty's 3rd birthday party at our house on Sat. It was supposed to be an all outside party with a jump house and water toys but it rained and it poured. So we had to move it inside my little house, but I think it turned out great. We had a good turnout and Ty had fun which is all that really matters. My mom got some really cute baseball cupcakes made that everyone LOVED. Ty got so many things. We were getting him the jump house for Ty's b-day but when we found out they were not coming due to rain, Brent hopped up and went to toys r us and spent too much money lol. But he did a good job shopping and Ty loved all his presents. He got so many cute outfits. we have such wonderful friends and family. My kids are so blessed to have such great people in their lives!
Saturday after the b-day party we cleaned a little and then when to my in-laws for my father-in-laws birthday. We had fajitas, homemade Mexican rice(thank you britt) and delicious sopapia cheesecake. Then Sunday we went back over there just to visit and let the kids play. Last night we were all so darn tired, I think I was asleep by 9 and the kids crashed as soon as we got home at like 7:30. Here are a few pics from this weekend


Ape said...

ugh i so wish we could have came. Audree is doing better, she has another dr appt today for her 15 month check up so im going to have them recheck her out!!! I have his bday present!!! What are yall doing Sat? We need to meet up and play!!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun! And Tims bday dinner was just amazing! miss yall! love and hugs!

Wendy said...

Katy, I have looked at your blog and tried to figure out if it was really you or not, but when I saw the pic of you and your sister, I knew!!!!! I didn't know you got married or had a baby!!!!