Monday, March 2, 2009

Catch up time

So I have been so bad about keeping up with this thing. I find myself hardly getting on the computer at all anymore. Ty and Hunter are both a handful a require alot of attention. Ty will be 3 yrs old in may and I cannot believe it. I feel like somedays he was just a baby. He is so smart and I'm not just saying that bc he is mine. He knows all his alphabet and some numbers. He says the most most random things but he is so loving, caring, and respectful.
Now Hunter on the other hand is so different. He is a wild man. He is going to deff. be more of a challenge but thats whats its all about. Hunter will be 2 in August, they have both grown so fast, I find myself in tears some days just bc I'm not ready for them to grow up but I know its gonna happen and life is gonna bring them wonderful things.
I'm trying to find something for Ty to do this summer (sports wise) but he is still a little young so I want to put him in gymnastics but brent does not. Its just something for him to do with kids his own age. Some days I think him and Hunter cant stand each other, but I know they do, they just time to themselves too.
Brent and I have been together 4 yrs in may. Everyday I love him more. I sit and watch him with the boys and think wow how did I get so lucky to have this amazing husband who is the best daddy in the world and who treats me like a princess. I think God everyday for what he has blessed me with. I think we are going on our first date in forever this weekend. Everytime we make plans something ends up cutting into them so hopefully this weekend will work out. They will be staying with my inlaws who they love so much.
Well thats about it for now ,I will try and download some pics soon.


The Pifer's said...

Yea for updating your blog :) :) :) I've missed reading your updates!

Anonymous said...

yay a new post!

Amanda Warden said...

YOU*RE ALiVE!!!!! YAY!!!!

Crystal said...

Thank you for your prayers Katy. I have heard that about girls and so far the girl is doing amazing and blowing the Doctors away. I am so grateful for this. I am just so scared of the surgery day.. it's such an awful thing these babies have to go through. So thank you so much for your prayers, it means a lot! More than words can describe!

How are you and the kids doing?