Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week one down!!

Ok so its been over a week now without smoking, and to reward myself I have been bleaching my teeth to make them whiter. I have also lost alomost 10 lbs. let me just say I have worked my ass off!!! I have really pushed myself. I feel so great. I have not been this energetic in a long time. I also have really bad stretch marks from when I was pregnant, although they have gotten better , I found this stuff called cosmetyn which people swear by, so you get a 21 day risk free trial after that it is 90 bucks a tube but if it works, it is cheaper than surgery. I am really trying to be more confident with myself so that I will be happier. I hope by this summer I can pull off a 2 peice :) I love these videos I have been doing, they are so tough but I like it.


The Pifer's said...

Way to go sweetie!!!!! You are doing soo good :) I love hearing the updates!

Also thanks for your sweet comment, it means alot to Zach and I!


Ape said...

you go hot momma!!!

Crystal said...

Good job girl! Keep up the good work!

.. and thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.

The Pifer's said...

Thank you sweet for your comment!!! I am really nervous, it's prob. the drive and money vs. the actual clinic...it's been a thought I never wanted to thank about nor thought we would "have" to think about...but this is the road that God wants us to go down..I just have to stay positive and stay strong. I haven't broken down to much in 3 years, if this doesn't break me then I think we will be ok :) God is amazing!!! Thank you for being so sweet, it really means alot to us!