Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So my Father in law had been having some stomach pains after he ate so he went to see if maybe his gallbladder was bad, well they did an ultrasound to see and the ultrasound tech said that things did not look and that there was a mass between his gallbladder and liver and that he wanted further testing. So about 2-3 weeks ago he had a CT scan done and it showed it was his gallbladder. So they scheduled him to have it removed tomorrow. Sounds simple but they said they will try to everything lapriscopic but when they take his gallbladder out and test it and if it comes back cancerous (which is their concern) then they will remove some of his liver as well and then go from there. We have prayed so hard for him. It is not his time yet!!! Brent is so worried about his dad , they are so close. Well just pray that everything is ok and that it is not cancer


The Pifer's said...

He is def. in my prayers sweetie...keep me posted!

Crystal said...

omg, I had no idea. I haven't talked to Britt in a while.. the past few times I have called I haven't been able to reach her. I will be praying for Tim and everyone!! Please keep us posted!!

Ape said...

oh my i will keep him in my prayers. you call me if yall need anything