Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun weekend!!

So this weekend has been a good one. Friday night we just stayed home but Sat. we got up played outside for a long time, the boys took a nap and then we went to my nephew casen's soccer game. It was so darn cute. I can't wait for my kids to start sports. Then they left the game with my inlaws and Brent and I went home to get ready, we just went to Outback and then to a friends to play pool, but it was really nice. We needed that so bad. Brent and I both had a hard time sleeping without the boys here but we got up early sun morning and went over to the inlaws. We stayed over there until almost 10 last night. The boys played and played until they literally could not do anymore.
Now back to our regular schedule. The time change has messed me up, we all slept untill 9 am. which teh boys are always up by 7:30. Our usual bedtime is 8 but the past 2 nights have gotten away from us and they have stayed up much later, so tonight we have to get back on track.

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Ape said...

im glad yall had a good weekend!! We did too, we were just busy! Aud LOVES being outside~~ We need to get together to do a playdate!!