Thursday, December 18, 2008

only 7 more days till C-mas

Wow only 7 days till Christmas. Its gone by so fast. I have most of my shopping done jsut a few more stocking stuffers to get. I love Christmas time but I also am ready for it to be over bc everything is so hectic, and my kids will not leave the tree alone and all the presents are ripped and all the bows are off. I am so ready to put that dang tree back up. I am ready for them to open all their presents though. We have 4 Christmas'. We will get up and do ours with my mom on c-mas morning and then we will go to Brents parents that afternoon and then my dad's the day after. The next weekend we will go to Brents real mom's in Dallas and do theirs. So we have alot to do and we are all gonna be so worn out. I really hope to find a house soon bc there are alot of their presents that I will not open until we move. Well thats about all we have going on for now

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