Friday, December 12, 2008

Life is good

Ok so I think that my life is finally starting to fall back into place. I have made up with my inlaws and it really does feel great. We have had really tough times over the past 3 yrs and I hate it so we made a pact to always be honest with each other and let the other person know if we are mad or upset instead of just assuming the other person is mad. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders. I prayed to God all the time to help me find te strength to forgive and forget and to please help this family get back together. We will be together for the 1st time in 4 months tomorrow and I really am excited and feel like this is gonna be ok this time. I said I would give my all and hoped they would do the same. I have also gotten pretty close to Brents real mom in Dallas. Brent was never close to her as a kid for reasons I dont know and it does not matter bc she has really tried over the last 3 yrs to be a part of our lives, so I am starting to feel like a part of the family now. I know that families sometimes just dont get along but I really dont want that to be us and let petty little things get in the way. We only have one life and I dont want to spend it having grudges or hatred towards anyone. Me and Brent have not been as close through all this and I saw his face the other day when I talked to my inlaws and his face just lit up. I know this has been so hard on him and all Brent wants for anyone is for them to be happy. He has a huge heart and he does not like for people to fight at all. So anyways I feel like things are going to be ok and I am the happiest I have been in a long time. So I thank God for helping me find my way

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Ape and Brett said...

so ive been there and done that. Girl just keep your head up, God will get you through it all. You just give it your all, and do all you can do. Knowing that you are tyring and being nice is all you CAN do and you will know you are doing the right thing. I may not like my inlaws like best friends, but it really does please brett that i talk to them. I do it for him mostly and it keeps peace in the family. Just dont get caught up in drama and talking crap, like you said life is too short :o)