Tuesday, December 9, 2008

oh the Holidays

Ok so I think we are all well now but this has really been a hectic month for me! Ty is deff. showing me what terrible 2's is really about. He has been disobeying at every chance he gets, timeout no longer works for him. So we are going to move out of my moms at the end of jan. and I think I may get a job bc I really think that Ty needs that structure. Everyday changes for us nothing is ever the same from day to day and I think he needs it to be. We are going to wait till then to see if that is my final decision. They have both been acting out since we have been staying here with my mom. I think they sense that I am stressed out and ready to have my own home again. I had everything so babyproof at our old house and here I cant do that bc my mom wont let me, which I totally understand, but it makes it hard for me bc this house is alot bigger and there is alot more to get into. I hope this all blows over when we get a new house and I can continue to stay at home with my kiddos but if not I know that it will be ok.

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