Monday, June 8, 2009

Girls night out party!!!!

I recently went to a "girls night party" and I had a blast not bc of what was there but bc I got to be an immature girl again. It was fun just laughing and making fun of all the stuff. This was my first one and I went bc my friend Apryle was hosting it and it turns out that we had such a good time. Just because we went to the party does not mean we are some kind of freaks or wierdos. It just means girls can have fun too and thats all it was. I am not by any means ashamed that I went, I thought it was hillarious. And yes we took crazy pics that I also found quite amusing. I know that some people would be insulted by these types of parties but thats their own business and should not reflect the way they look at others. I am a young married mom with 2 kids who NEVER goes out, drinks, parties so yes this was really fun for me! I hope to get to be a goober with Ape again soon :) Sometimes its just fun to let loose and go beyond what you would normally do! You only live once and you might as well have fun while you can


Ape said...

Uh hello goober night is friday!!! Haha I had a blast, I wish people would not judge us! I know others can't see past the fun and games and that is sad! Like u said we are young, married mom's who take care of our children and our hubbies. I'm not ashamed it was fun!!! You rock my socks off even if you did buy everything in the catalog! Haha oh and when did my name become aprlye?

Ape said...

Der my names katy and I can't spell hahaha

Crystal said...

You don't have to explain yourself, who cares! You had fun and that's all that matters!!! Glad you got a night out!!!