Monday, April 13, 2009


Ok so this has been a truly amazing Easter!! I am so Blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. We went to my moms on Saturday and dyed Easter eggs and of course mt mom had them big easter baskets full of Goodies. Then that night my niece stayed the night with us and the boys love it when she stays the whole night, she is over here at least 2 days a week but its much moe fun when she can stay. We got up Sun morning and the Easter bunny left the boys Easter baskets with a soccer ball and a basket ball in them (I am not big on the whole candy thing). Then my sis came and picked my niece up and off we went to Brents parents. They had everything set up so cute, even the kids table. We all had such a nice lunch. Then we hid eggs for all the kiddos. Man they had a blast!!! Over all this is one of the best Easters I have ever had.
Here are a few pics of our Easter weekend


Anonymous said...

Look who I found!! love the page and pics!!

Love ya Britt

Anonymous said...

cute pics!!