Friday, November 21, 2008

Sick ugh!

So I went and saw my niece wed. around noon and spent the whole day up there. She is so beautiful. Well we leave the hospital around 4 and go to wal mart to get something to cook for dinner and Hunter trows up all over the floor, so I'm thinking maybe he has just had too much going on today so we leave and get in the car to head home and Ty an Hunter both trew up all over themsleves and their carseats. I was like great here we are having spent the whole day around the baby. So anyways I get them bathed and then I go pick up Brent from work and they stayed here with my mom, well when we got home they had thrown up all over the living room. So his went on until about 10 and then it hit me hard. So there we were all throwing up. So yesterday we did nothing and today us 3 feel better but Brent has it today and I just got a call from my nieces school bc i am supposed to pick her up today, saying she is throwing up. Yuk this has been a horrible, very contagious bug. I have like 6 more loads of laundry to do. So thats what we have been doing over the past couple days


Anonymous said...

there is something def going around. that sucks so bad when the kiddos get something like that. i hope yall are all better by turkey day!

The Jarvis Family said...
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