Monday, November 24, 2008

Feeling better

Ok so we are finally over our stomache bugs and now we have a dang cold! I love this weather but hate the colds that come with it. And when Ty gets a cold its not just a cold it always turns into croup!! Which if your child had ever truly had croup, it is very scary. Well Ty has had it like 8 times now so the doc said if he gets it again we will go see a specialist to see if there is something bigger going on. But I am just praying this one just rides off as a cold and nothing else. Hunter just has a runny nose and he tends to fight colds off pretty quick.

So I am super excited about the after Thanksgiving sales. I have never been before and I am going with my sis, and my sis-in-law. I hope its not too bad bc um I get stressed a little easy lol. Ty wants a bike so I was hoping to find one on sale. and also we have to get him a mattress so maybe I can find that on sale too. I have done NO C-mas shopping yet. I have been so dang busy and the days I am not Brent has the car. One day we will have to vehicles.

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